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Clinical interventions will be assessed on the basis of profit, like the US

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Clinical interventions will be assessed on the basis of profit, like the US

I work for the NHS as a senior occupational therapist in mental health. Although I’m a senior and a deputy manager and was working at Band 7 as a specialist practitioner, my unit was re-configured two years ago and my post was re-graded to Band 6.

This practice is happening more and more as Trusts find they can cut costs by re-grading clinical posts which are not manager posts, and therefore seen by some to be less senior than management posts.

I’m not just concerned about my own post and experience. I’m worried that putting what was NHS money into the hands of local authorities will cause further “rationalisations”, likely reducing the number of advanced, specialist, experienced clinical staff.

Clinical interventions will be seen in terms not just of value for money but of making a profit, as they are in the US.

I’m also concerned that putting more responsibility, fiscally and clinically, into GP’s hands will exacerbate the “postcode lottery” nature of health service provision.

GP’s are not a uniform body and they can hold wildly varying opinions of different health services and provsions which are currently rolled out nationally through a centralised NHS.


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