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This is what housing benefit cuts mean for my elderly mother

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This is what housing benefit cuts mean for my elderly mother

No doubt over the next few days, people will receive letters stating how much rent and council tax they will have to pay.  Eric ‘Podgy’ Pickles boasts of a council tax freeze (Should be a cut considering how many services some councils have rid themselves of), but for those on Council Tax & Housing Benefit, it will mean a big rise in the amount THEY have to pay.  My mother has to now find nearly a £100 a year more in council tax as a result of a benefit cut, this is despite no changes in her circumstances. 

As I live with her, I am aware that it is because I am a ‘non-dependant’ that we have to pay rent and council tax.  I pay it on her behalf.  But my circumstances haven’t changed either!

A council employee said a few years ago to me that by law there was a ‘maximum charge’ for non-dependents, which is what I was paying (Don’t know how true it is).  So is this a way for ‘Gideon’  to get around this law, by cutting benefits/rebates, so people pay more that way?
In a way, is it to become like the Poll Tax all over again?


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