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Council Tax Payment / College Cuts

Location: UK » East Midlands » LE
Council Tax Payment / College Cuts

I’m a single Mother, 54, my son is 11, Im on Job Seekers Allowance, Housing and Council Tax benefits. Ive been looking 3 years for work, had to give up a teaching course due to the cuts within Adult Teaching - couldn’t get help and volunteer places. I’m on the Work Programme which only humiliates and doesn’t help. Now like all claimants have my Council Tax Bill. £148 to pay out of Benefit money. This means no holiday again - we haven’t had one for 6 years, and it wont be a very good Christmas/Birthday either for my son. Because of all the pressure placed upon me, I’m worried about the affect all this has on my son, before I was on Job Seekers Allowance and the Work Programme things felt 100% better. Now my son has even commented that I can’t get a job. This all reminds me of the 1980’s when Thatchers Govt turned families against each other, people lost their homes and many couples divorced. Kids were put into care and the Social Services and Govt were ruthless in this.  I go to as many demos as I can, but feel in Leicester little support for single parents. No Gingerbread Group - I tried to start one - they put me live and sent no info - so I refused.
If any single parents in Leicester read this and would like to start a group against cuts with me - then send me a message thanks - uptonjane39@googlemail.com


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