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Cuts impact on mental health

Location: UK » East Midlands » NG
Testimony relates to: Framework homelessness charity, NG
Cuts impact on mental health

As a mental health service user the support of Framework has been invaluable to me. Not just by helping me to access the benefit system, at a time when it was difficult to even make a cup of tea, but by building my self confidence and providing a service that would flag up any deterioration in my mental health.

My support worker has had time to build a relationship based on trust, understanding and respect.  A relationship that is sensitive to my limitations and needs as an individual.  I worry that cuts to the service will impact on the time support workers can spend with clients and put this vital relationship at risk, increasing the chances of being readmitted to a psychiatric ward due to lack of support.  An unwelcome outcome not only from a personal perspective but in terms of cost.

At a time when NHS mental health support in the community is also facing cuts in service, I feel that it is likely that in the future I will be left unsupported and that is a frightening prospect.  Many people may face homelessness, prison, increased drug and alcohol abuse and in the worst case suicide, through lack of support due to cuts.  How is that cost effective, let alone the human cost.


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