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I had faith in lifelong learning - sadly no longer

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I had faith in lifelong learning - sadly no longer

Since i retired from teaching, i am now on a small teachers pension, i thought i would resume educational courses in my interests, and to benefit my personal and social life.

however, courses which were previously available, evening classes etc, have closed and those that are are very expensive, a full time course over 3yrs would cost over £12,000, and so i have completed short courses, 4 days, and weekly courses of about 4hrs, a recent course cost me £250 for 5 days at a local university, and a daily class £100, both of which were badly taught, and both subject to local authority funding, which has been cut, a further two courses, were cut without notice and prevented me from progress to the next level.

i did have faith that lifelong learning was an important policy. sadly no longer.
i am increasingly isolated and receiving a dla mobility allowance, i do not get any help with shopping or household tasks, and the neighbours ignore me.
so much for care in the community.

after years of service to the community now, its the don’t care in the community.

i call it the myopic society.


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