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I’m visually impaired and my wife’s wage barely covers our monthly outgoings

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I’m visually impaired and my wife’s wage barely covers our monthly outgoings

Since I got taken off ESA benefits in Oct of last year and my JSA contributions-based allowance had expired I also lost tax credits which are linked to ESA. I now have to live off my wife’s wage which barely covers our monthly outgoings. We also have around £10,000 on credit cards.

We applied for help with Council Tax benefit but were refused because my wife’s wage just exceeded the threshold. Due to the cuts and changes in benefits the goverment doesn’t take these issues into consideration. I am now in a position where I have to rely on handouts from my mother in law to make ends meet. She is 79 years old and a pensioner, although I am very grateful to her for this how many people are out there with similar circumstances?

I am looking for work but this is also difficult as I am visually impaired. I also think that there will be a lot of people with disabilities out there that will also be struggling which could lead to deppression and other mental disorders. It seems to me that the Government are treating people as statistics on a spreadsheet and not taking into consideration people’s individual circumstances.


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