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I was sent to a Business Link workshop – where the advisors were also being made redundant!

Location: UK » North East » DN
Testimony relates to: North East Lincs job cuts
I was sent to a Business Link workshop – where the advisors were also being made redundant!

As part of budget cuts the educational support services to schools are being cut in NE Lincs. I am part of that team and after working with schools for 11 years I am now facing redundancy for the first time in my life.

We are being encouraged to set up our own businesses and sell our support to schools by the people managing this process (not much choice anyway as there are no jobs out there for people in our line of work). So I attended a Business Link workshop (which was brilliant) on setting up a business. What got me, is that most of the business link advisors are also being made redundant due to government funding cuts so the workshops and advice will no longer be available. 

So let me get this straight: the government is slashing budgets everywhere so many people are being made redundant. The government is saying that new businesses are the way forward for this country, that they will get this country out of recession. They are setting up enterprise zones (which failed in the 80s) but are removing the support for people who would like to set up a new business, in order to save money!

Can anybody explain to me how these policies demonstrate joined up thinking? If government think that new businesses are the way forward isn’t this something they should by supporting in terms of funding rather than cutting the funding as they are doing in all other sectors? Or have I completely lost the plot? 


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