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My condition has worsened but yet again I’m forced to appeal

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My condition has worsened but yet again I’m forced to appeal

The capability for work assesment is a joke. I was awarded 15 points at a tribunal last august since which my condition has worsened but at a recent assessment I was awarded 0 points and told that i could no longer claim ESA and was now capable of working.

Both my GP and specialist do not agree and i have been signed off for another 3 months whilst i appeal. Yet again my money drops to the minimum until appeal heard (last year this took 6 months to come through). The assessment is not fair and conducted either by retired GPs or nurses who know absolutely nothing about my illness. ATOS should be sacked and a proper fair system put in place as a matter of urgency.

M.E and M.S patients are in particular being targeted by ATOS to fail at first attempt as reported in the national press, but many win on appeal.This must be costing thousands of pounds. Let me ask who knows a patient’s capability to work best: the patient’s GP and/or specialist who understands the effects of illness and has access to patient’s detailed notes and previous history - or some jumped up quack sitting behind a computer clicking boxes?

This once great country is on a fearsome slide into the kind of society where the disabled, sick and impoverished are seen as easy pickings to save money.


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