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Housing benefit cut for single people

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Housing benefit cut for single people

The truth about housing benefit cuts to single people aged under 35.

I work full time in a primary school. I rent a 4x5m tiny studio flat. I knew the shared accommodation rate would be extended yet still did not expect what would happen to me.
The truth is the local housing allowance for the shared accommodation is still calculated at the 30% of the average price of a single room, not just any shared accommodation hence the title already misleading.
The local housing allowance does not mean that it is the maximum amount of benefit I can get; it means that is the maximum rent I can claim for.
Before the changes I received £74 a week in HB. I knew I would be reduced to the shared accommodation rate but I wasn’t worried as the LHA in my area is £82; so I assumed I was safe. I wasn’t. I lost all my HB as the government pretends that my rent is £82 not £155.
After I pay my rent I have less money to live on than the current job seeker’s allowance. I can’t claim for council tax benefit, I don’t get help with my heating and I can’t get food voucher because I work.

Single disabled people are exempt form the SAR. But I can’t comprehend how someone on statutory sick pay for instance would never get his rent covered. Not to mention punishing working people.
The SAR must go or revised to a rate the reflects actual rents!


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