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How many more deaths will be enough?

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How many more deaths will be enough?

When I first started asking that,the response was “don’t be ridiculous”!yet each month as this vile piece of Political propaganda continues,this ‘Government’ progresses it’s campaign to obscure the crimes of the rich,still profligate Financial sector,by vilifying the most vulnerable.‘the Nazi’s’ are mentioned more and more in comparison ,but again the truth is they are as callous and the tactics of their Secret Police/‘Gestapo,the terror squad ATOS are chillingly similar.
What I don’t understand is who elected these people,on whose authority are they destroying people’s security and even their lives.who would support a ‘Government that would criminalise the needy,just to provide camouflage for their sponsors?How is any of this ‘Democracy’
I am a 55 year old man, disabled due to a Car smashing into me while I sat in Queue..all just ‘modern life’ but it cost me my Career as a Local Government Social Work Team Manager of 25 years,devastated my personal life and now has taken my mobility.As I had paid for a pension,I receive no benefits.Six weeks after my last day at work Social Services rang to say my estranged daughter was failing to care for her child,and they were going to apply for an order to take him into care,“could we help in the short term?I replied that we had left the area where they lived and moved to Cornwall,and had no idea that my daughter was pregnant!,but as usual we would see how we could help"That was 11 years ago now and while my Grandson is the centre of my universe,and has saved my life,let alone enriched it every day,From the day we drove up to the Midlands to collect him to this we have never had a penny or a moments help from any body.it has meant spending all my ‘lump sum’ and most of my pension,but the alternative would be to walk away from what quickly became the love of my life.Of course this is my choice,and “the Parents should have taken care of him” but they didn’t,they just walked away from a Six Month old baby who was under nourished,just out of surgery,and couldn’t even hold his own head up!
What kind of life could he have had,and how much would even that have cost the “government’.My Son is loved and cared for every minute of his life,knows his family and his heritage,and is a good student at school with a future.That was supposed to have been his birthright.in order for him to have it I am now destitute,If his Gran didn’t work (58 and just post hip replacement in mid October 13, back to full time+ Jan 2nd ‘14) We would be begging now,I was left as a baby too in 1958 and spent my life in ‘care’ most of it in a Residential School of 90 children from aged 5 to 13 and at work from 15 as a Galley boy in the Merchant Navy!How much do you think I wanted him to have a family!We have worked hard and still pay no end of Taxes but now are fearfully of Old age,and dread the future as we become poorer every year.Holidays,Shopping for anything other than other than essentials Leisure activities,even the Cinema are things of the past now.I know if we can see our boy on his feet and independent we will just be thinking of how can we end this and try to leave him something,however small to help him when there is no one else left?I know I will be thinking off ending it while I still can at least have some dignity,but while as a Social Worker I never expected to die rich,I never expected to have to live without hope,fearing the future,not in 21st Century ‘Great Britain,all that work,plus Night schools,College,struggling for promotion,working for trade Unions all my working life,plus T.A. service and Emergency Volunteering (G.W.1) etc. For what to end up living in a country that it seems would be ‘happier’ if I was dead rather than be helped in my time off need? I think I’ve just answered my own question there! how many? As many as we can get away with,now shut up and get on with it!


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