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I don’t believe we can’t afford to tackle climate change

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I don’t believe we can’t afford to tackle climate change

I lost another job today. I work in environmental communications, making graphics communicating complex ideas visually. The job, for an environmental agency communicating biodiversity, was ‘suspended’ due to slashed budgets.  I am not in the slightest bit convinced that we are not able to afford environmental and social programmes; yes, its true our governments are loaded with debt, but this is still a rich country (and certain markets, such as the art market have remained buoyant). Feigning poverty to avoid collective responsiblity is a cheap trick and I do not for a second believe that we do not have the money to protect biodiversity, provide ecological education, or stop climate change - but this is these types of programmes are all being slashed. It’s not that I lost a job, but it is that some vitally important work is not being done.


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