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I had to cancel my college plan as the funding was stopped

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I had to cancel my college plan as the funding was stopped

My name is Nichola and I’m married with 2 little girls. We live in Chorley Lancs and up till now have kept our noses clean, never got into debt. We dont have much money coming in but its enough to keep our heads above water and we have never used loans or credit cards. I have been working as a volunteer for Homestart and Children Centre and was about to enroll in a college course for counselling.

My husband has been a Police Community Support Officer in Lancashire and has done this job for 1 1/2 yrs. He always wanted to work in the Police but on paper he couldnt get through the application stage. Since school he has worked in warehouses mainly at nights. He was very depressed cos he was a waste of a good hard working person. He was always out at weekend cleaning our local park after kids had left it a mess. He is someone who given the chance would change things for the better.

When PCSO came about it took him 3 yrs to get in, but it was like a dream come true for him. The job was made for him. He has spent the last year and half working in his area improving it the best he can. Everyday he loves going to work and making that change. He always intended to try for the Police Force once he was able to and anyone who works with him says he should be an officer.

Along came Mr Cameron…

I had to cancel my college plan as the funding was stopped and with my husband’s job not being safe we could not afford to pay for it. I became so stressed at the thought of my husband losing his only career path that I have been ill with flu for 2 months. I help all of families with Homestart but I have had to stop all volunteer work partly cos Im too ill to care for others when I feel my family is getting hit bad with the unlucky stick. Also part of me feels I’m not giving this government one bit of my unpaid time when they dont care about us.

The other thing is my husband can not drive and he has nothing on paper to help him get another job apart from being a PSCO. He doesnt want to go back to doing labour work so I have to be ready to get a job instead of him come march. This is my husbands life that he had planned out, a career that he had always wanted. How does he take that on the chin and move on? There are no jobs like what hes been doing round here. The government has turned 2 people who was doing everything they can for the community to 2 people who have lost heart. People who know us know we do everything for others but this has stamped on a good man’s heart. We are fighting at the min trying to get support for PCSOs but I fear its too late.

Thank you for your time.


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