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I’ve suffered two industrial injuries but will lose £91 per week

Location: UK » North East » LS
Testimony relates to: Benefits for disabled people
I’ve suffered two industrial injuries but will lose £91 per week

I have 4 chronic medical conditions and the effects of two industrial injuries. I get incapacity benefit, DLA & Industrial injuries benefit of just over £40 per week. The proposed changes will mean that I lose £91.70 per week incapacity benefit.

I have had two medicals in the last five years, both of which were stopped by the doctor because it is obvious that I am not going to get better.

£91.70 is a lot of money to lose. My partner’s pension will take us over the limit & therefore I will not get the employment & support allowance.

It is not just the loss of income. It is the stress. As well as the physical illnesses I am also aphaisic from a head injury. I did have a nervous breakdown & spent 4 weeks in the local mental health unit. All the tests, form filling etc are very disturbing.

We will survive. But when I worked I had a well paid professional job & paid NI from 15 years old & a great deal of income tax. I/we have moderate savings & this will count against us in the new system. The savings are intended to maintain our home & cover for emergencies.


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