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I need a hardship loan because my wages don’t cover my rent

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I need a hardship loan because my wages don’t cover my rent

Gio, 19. At the Kilburn jobcentre to get forms to apply for a hardship loan

“My rent is £1250 a month. I’m working part-time in a supermarket as a manager and I’m getting about £655 a month. They’re giving me about £192 a week [in housing benefit] – so that about £450 off my wages going on the rent. There’s £78 council tax and I also have to pay the bills – gas, electricity and stuff like that. There’s the baby’s milk and the baby’s nappies – stuff like that. So I just came for a crisis [sic] loan form, because I can’t afford it. It has just shattered me this month.

“I’m a manager and I’m still getting the minimum wage – £655 a month working about 25 hours. I showed them [the jobcentre] my payslips and I got a letter from my manager saying look, I need more help. I’m young and I got a kid and I don’t want to be on the streets drug dealing and stuff to earn the money, because I’ve been through that stage. The lady turns around and says “that is all we can do,” and I said “okay, well if that’s all you can do, I’m going to sort it out somehow.” I don’t want to go back to my old life. My mum and my dad – they don’t want nothing to do with me. I work about 25 hours a week. It’s hard to work more [at the moment] because my wife is very ill. She’s had a cesarean. It will take her a couple of months. I just hope they help me.”


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