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I used to work for the NHS, now I’m a long term patient

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I used to work for the NHS, now I’m a long term patient

I used to work for the NHS but am now retired, and a long term patient with rheumatoid arthritis. I have received what I consider to be a superb, integrated service involving Rheumatology, OT, Physio and other services, and this is allowing me to live a good, active, fulfilled life.

I am really concerned that all around me are friends still working for the NHS who are either losing their jobs or facing the prospect of being asked to do impossible jobs with insufficient support. In my experience nurses will always do their very best, but morale becomes very low when even their best is not good enough.

At the same time there are many millions like me who rely on the services they provide. I will undoubtedly cost the NHS a great deal more in the long run if the services I currently receive are reduced or cut altogether, and that will apply to many hundreds of thousands of other patients.

I also have experience of how appallingly bad the care of patients and treatment of care staff can be in private establishments driven first and foremost by the need to make ever larger profits.

Of course I recognise the need to make cutbacks, but the answer is not to sell the NHS off to private providers.

Judging by the experiences of other agencies where this has happened, for example the railways, result in a fragmented lottery of services leading to dangerous and desperate situations, ultimately costing vastly more for a far inferior service.

Its been tried before and it simply doesn’t work - how can the government even think about doing it again?


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