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I was a qualified registrar who gave time to those in need of help

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I was a qualified registrar who gave time to those in need of help

I used to enjoy my job. I worked hard to qualify and felt that I was doing a professional job. I could give time to those in need of it and they had space to talk in confidence about registration matters. I’m using the past tense as soon all this will be gone.

To register anything you’ll have to join a queue in a tiny office on the high street. You’ll have to announce your business to a busy desk with harassed staff who don’t have time and can see the queue building. You’ll be told to make an appointment and come back (even if that means another 80 mile round trip.) Once you get through your appointment will be rushed, the registrar will be needed back at the queue. If you’re lucky you’ll get a cramped office to talk in but how they’ll do that when they don’t have the space I don’t know. Probably you’ll be dealing with someone who has only just started their registration training and didn’t want to be a registrar in the first place as they’ve made all the registrars redundant, or made the job impossible for them. Oh and you won’t be able to buy a £10 extract with cash, it’s a card or go elsewhere!

From my point of view from doing a job I trained for I will now have to do everything. I will be dealing with rants about housing, council tax, benefits, blue badges and everything else that’s being cut. At our busiest time of year I will be booking weddings when we have no venue to hold them in while the phone rings in the background and the queue grows. Oh yes and I will soon be stressed and ill. That’s if I’m lucky enough to be offered a job!

I’m scared.


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