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I’d rather steal than have my children go homeless & hungry

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I’d rather steal than have my children go homeless & hungry

Dear Stephen Lloyd,
MP for Eastbourne & Willingdon,

I was delighted when my family of 4, now 5, finally made it off benefits this year when I got married in September. Now we only need to claim some child tax credits because my partner is working - as well as a partial top up on the rent via housing benefit, because my wife is a low earner in the care industry.

I am now able, when health allows to work a few hours part time, though worsening health has not allowed it this year. If our housing benefit is reduced, this would mean my partner would have to leave work as we cannot manage and are in debt already, this would cost the state aprox £-four times the current amount extra per week from then on. 

That would be really silly huh!

There isn’t anywhere cheaper than this housing association flat to live which would not be overcrowded.  Attached is a picture of me outside my modest accessible 3 bedroom flat where all 5 of us live. Two of my children are disabled and so am I. If we had to leave here due to cost we’d be forced into one room overcrowding as it’s the only way to go cheaper. And it probably wouldn’t be accessible - screwing up my chances of working or doing anything independently.

Please don’t cut housing benefit.

The Government needs to slow down and rethink the effect the cuts are going to have on families who are already struggling. This just doesn’t make sense. If people reach a point of homelessness and inability to feed our children, our only option will be to steal from others who are better off, like yourself, given it’s impossible to be self sufficient with no garden to grow veg in.

I’m too disabled for sex work - so - I feel sad to say this, but I’d rather take my chances robbing middle class neighbours up the road than watch my children go homeless or hungry. I expect most people in our position would agree.

Cuts cause further institutionalisation, homelessness, illness and deaths for disabled people and others in poverty.  They cause crime against those better off too. This is false economy, it’s unwise and unkind.


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