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I’m 62 and they threaten me with sanctions

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I’m 62 and they threaten me with sanctions

“I worked in the voluntary sector and was made redundant last August, because of cuts.

“Some of us in our previous lives actually taught jobsearch. We actually took people through to the point of appointment, so [it’s very hard] to come here and be told “why are you late, you’re not doing proper jobsearch, that’s why you haven’t got a job,” when you’re 62 years of age. I’m being told this by people who are half my age. I’m being told that if ever I arrive late, they are going to cut the whole of my benefits.

“They have threatened me [with sanctions]. Next January, I can retire. Right now, I must come here every week and I’m on JSA - fair enough. But to tell me at 62…. Really, what I would like to do is discuss what my options are at my age.

“I’d love them to find me a job - but what are the options at my age other than voluntary work without pay, or going to do a job in Tesco for about eight or nine months? My point is that I think the jobcentre advisers ought to be given better training than they are - to be more sensitive and more alert to the job needs of the people that they are getting to sign on the dotted line. Because that’s all they’re doing.

“They can make you come in every day if they want. I’ve actually come in today to tell them that I can’t come in on Friday, because I’ve got a discussion [about a job] through my own network, possibly about doing some job share. I’ve just had to walk here to tell them that I can’t come for the Friday interview. I don’t come, they’ll sanction me. It’s just policing really.”


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