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I’m not affected but loathe that so many are

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I’m not affected but loathe that so many are

I’m lucky. I am comfortably off, have a lovely house, happy family, a successful business and austerity has left me personally pretty much unaffected…..a Tory supporter through and through you might think.

Not so. It sickens me to see this cowardly and bullying government make the less well off and the disabled pay for the mistakes of the wealthy and powerful, the Tory party’s chums in other words.

Benefit fraud is negligible compared to tax avoidance (both corporate and individual) and yet this bunch of over-privileged, out of touch, self serving bastards continue to target the weakest in our society.

It is immoral and it is inhuman and I just want those affected to know that some of us lucky (very lucky) ones are very much on your side.

I’m joining the march through Newcastle tomorrow and hope to see people there from all sections of society - not just those affected worst by these appalling and ill conceived cuts.


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