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Our small business built an excellent reputation. Cuts heralded the end.

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Our small business built an excellent reputation. Cuts heralded the end.

We have been running a small private training business for the last 15 years - keeping four of us gainfully employed. It grew very gradually but has steadily built up with an excellent reputation.  Our “product”  happens to be skills training for the voluntary, community and public sector services - training which works, is accessible and has had a proven impact upon professionalism and standards, thereby enhancing the lives for workers and service users . So, all in all a good thing? We were set to employ a couple more people - something I believe was being being advocated by the gvernment: private sector creating jobs?

Trouble is, our business has now deceased. You see, all those people who wanted our training can no longer access it as they seem to be having difficulties. Some have been sacked - others have lost their funding - some have even lost their whole service. We were once so relieved to hear that the brilliant Sure Start services were remaining untouched, but now that’s apparently not so. Sadly we can no longer offer our training as there is now no market. And now 4 more people may be having to sign on.


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Breaking Britain: Cuts and testimonies

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