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I’ve got 10 years’ experience and can’t get a job

Location: UK » London » SE
I’ve got 10 years’ experience and can’t get a job

I’m experiencing the impact of cuts right now. I’m a web content manager - quite a senior one, too, with ten years’ experience in some major companies - and I cannot find a job. I used to contract, but since the government not only stopped using contractors but terminated the contracts of all their existing ones, the market is flooded with highly experienced and skilled people chasing not enough jobs.

Recruitment agencies won’t put me forward for jobs they would have done two years ago, because they have three or four people on their books with the exact same job title specified in the ad. I’m going to interviews and getting feedback that there was nothing I did wrong, they just hired the guy who’d already worked in the sector. It seems the only job I can get is one identical to whatever I did last - if / when it turns up.


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