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Just when I’ve started to earn a decent wage, it is all going to be taken away from me

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Just when I’ve started to earn a decent wage, it is all going to be taken away from me

I am a 51 year old woman and the main breadwinner in my household, and the cuts will affect me in numerous ways.

Firstly, as I work for a Primary Care Trust in the NHS I know for sure that by 2013 I will be out of a job when PCTs are abolished along with SHAs. Secondly, the NHS is destined to become increasingly privatised, often via the back door, so that will affect me as a user of NHS services in the near future when my health is likely to be in decline.

Thirdly, as a tax payer, I would rather see my taxes go to fund public services such as the NHS than bailing out greedy bankers but I am not given that choice. Finally, I am also on a council housing list but classed as a low priority because I am a middle aged woman with a grown up son living in private rented accommodation. However, I am concerned that when I lose my job with the PCT I will be unable to get another job and will be unable to afford to pay the rent on my private rental accommodation nor be able to get any help with benefits because they are reducing those too.

The government are taking away my job and my ability to pay my own way; the opportunity to obtain another job as the market will be flooded with people just like me but probably a lot younger and more ‘desirable’ to employers; my chances of getting good timely healthcare if I should need it; my hopes of obtaining affordable long term housing and my right to challenge their decisions because no consultation has taken place on these issues. These policies were not mandated in their election manifestos and are most definitely ideaologically driven rather than any real desire to reduce the deficit, otherwise they would at least consider the many alternatives that have been put forward such as the Robin Hood Tax and/or the Financial Transaction Tax, and they also continue to let large corporations get away with billions in avoided taxes.

I guess I am currently labelled as being ‘middle class’ but have always considered myself working class. I am as angry as hell because I have worked hard all my life and paid my way whilst bringing up a child on my own, and just when I’ve started to earn a decent wage and standard of living after years of struggle, it is all going to be taken away from me!! Thanks a bunch ConDems!!


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