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Living on the streets and on JSA in Weymouth

Location: UK » South West » DT
Living on the streets and on JSA in Weymouth

From “People on the frontline of austerity Britain” (link below)

I lost my job and I couldn’t afford to pay my rent… and [like] that Norman Tebbit said, I got on my bike and went looking for work but ultimately there was…well yeah, there ain’t no jobs out there.

I actually went round to the council one morning, because I was so done in from sleeping on the pier. It was chucking it down with rain – gale-force wind – and I only had 30 minutes’ sleep, because of the fucking generators going on the bastard ferry. I walked into the council and I said “why don’t you just take me to the hospital and give me a lethal injection?

That’s the economy. The government is in charge of the economy and it does what it does. We had the computer boom and there was plenty of cheap money going… I was sleeping rough. That is my background – I know IT and there is military experience in that background. In my lifetime, I’ve seen all the different technology. My uncle used to work on Concorde.

Council houses - they let people buy houses and then they sold them off without replacing them. [That’s the problem]. You can’t base an economy on just a few houses and shops. We used to build ships and things.

I just put in for a job the other day [I must apply for jobs to keep collecting jobseekers’ allowance]. It’s for a job in IT.

You can’t imagine it [my situation], can you – like, everything you have got now is gone. You’ve got no money. You’ve got to go through the system and trying to get more - it’s really hard. I had a meeting yesterday at the job club and as soon as you change anything, your housing benefit is gone…so I went round to the council, because they put me off ESA and put me back onto jobseekers’. I went three weeks without any money. I went to the council and three bloody forms I had to fill in. I said - Excuse me: how many trees [are you killing]? I can’t wait for you to wipe out the rainforest…

[In the end], the British Legion helped me out and got me in a room into a house. [Before that] I was helped out by a few guys - they put me in a tent for a few months. But before then, it was out in the streets wherever I could put me head down and then you have the police coming along saying “You can’t sleep there.” I actually went round to the council one morning - I was so done in because I was sleeping on the pier and it was chucking it down with rain, gale force winds and I had only had 30 minutes’ sleep because of the fucking generators going on the bastard ferry, I walked into the council and told them why don’t you take me to the hospital and give me a lethal injection.

Spain is at [an] 22% unemployment rate [now] and we’re going to hit 11% in the next ten years… then, your bosses are saying you have to get your job done so that they can have a bloody good life - the wealthy, this is how I see it. The government who don’t give a shit about the people, just their friends. They’ve given massive tax breaks and they’ll never spend it if they live for another 100 lifetimes. Yeah, you got people at the other end who can’t even afford to put their heating on and buy some food, that to me is… I don’t know what they call it. They’ve got to be the biggest bastards ever on the planet. They’re not kings - they don’t look after their people.



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