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Lost care hours after reassessment

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Lost care hours after reassessment

At the time when my council was assessing eligibility for care, I didn’t even know what category I was considered to be in. I thought I was personally on the borderline between moderate and substantial. Fortunately, I was in the substantial bit.

However, on one of my reviews, my care package was cut purely for financial reasons - not because I didn’t need the support. There was a lot more emphasis placed on meeting your personal care needs, dressing, and washing rather than the holistic approach of giving you support to live your life. By all means, your physiological needs should be met and will be met but your life isn’t based on eating, drinking and sleeping and it’s been my experience that a lot of people who I personally know have had to majorly readjust their lifestyles to go back to the traditional way of basically having their needs met.

I have a 23 hour a week care package. It doesn’t stretch across, so on the weekend, I tend to basically stay in bed. If I need more care hours in the weekend, I have to take it away from my other hours in the week, so there’s no leeway.


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