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Family, friends and neighbours - we’re all feeling the pain

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Family, friends and neighbours - we’re all feeling the pain

The cuts have hit many people I know. I live in a relatively affluent area of south west Sheffield but even people around me are feeling the effects. My sister’s p/t civil service post was terminated last month as the department she worked for is having to make cuts, so she is now on a vastly reduced income, barely covering her very modest outgoings, even though she works incredibly hard at her home based travel franchise. 

My former neighbour is a resident at Birch Avenue, a care home for alzheimer’s sufferers in Sheffield, which is threatened with closure due to the cuts.  As well as causing him distress it also great anxiety to his son and daughter-in-law.  I know other people who are suffering because of cuts to their maternity allowance, tax credits, pay freezes and cuts.

My mum and dad’s pensions are effectively reduced due to the government’s economic policy.  My biggest worry are the ‘reforms’ to the NHS; I care for my mum and have been suffering with anxiety and depression, so we both rely on the NHS greatly. 


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