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Must millions of sick people suffer for the crimes of the corps and banks?

Location: UK » London » NW
Must millions of sick people suffer for the crimes of the corps and banks?

I am a (mostly) lone parent living with several physical disabilities, and MH issues which have affected me since childhood… This means that pain, incontinence, breathlessness, depression and serious mood-swings seriously affect my life, not to mention those close to me
I am now in danger of losing my income as it has to be reassessed and I am scared. Poverty is not something I, alone, would be so terrified of.. BUT whilst in this health STATE and trying to raise a little girl, the money is a life-line, which means that , even though all my clothes are brought from Charity shops, and I neither smoke or drink, I can make sure my kid eats healthily especially important as she is genetically-vulnerable..not to mention environmentally
OF COURSE this has affected my MH before outcome has been received and I am on the phone to the Samaritans and pumping all those daily drug-regimens religiously ....

How can this government still stand in front of cameras, especially now that Bob Diamond and others crimes are being exposed. Why are they hurting the most sick and disabled when the bankers and corporations get off scot-free?

what is happening to our world?


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