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my employees will have to go

Location: UK » Wales » CF
Testimony relates to: Social Care, ST7
my employees will have to go

my direct payments are being cut by 80% I have been told to sack 2 of my personal assistants and cut every one else to a max of 2 hours per day they want to go to tribunal but dont want to hurt me but I told them if I dont have the money it would be interesting to know what a tribunal would have to decide if finds in favour of the employees when I have no money to give them either a job or compensation as sacking them is not my choice one of them is about to go on maternity leave I had found somone to cover her leave but have had to tell them I am now unable to give them a job I am depressed beyond belief all my needs were considered critical in last care plan my parents have ben fighting to get a carers assessment for 2 years my mother has servere mental and physical problems and my dad said he will have to give up work he is very depressed about this and I feel that is my fault


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