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My father in law’s care has been cut

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My father in law’s care has been cut

My 80 year old father in law lives in a care home/sheltered accommodation in Middlesbrough.  He is housebound and wheelchair bound.  He is unable to feed himself (a care worker comes in and prepares his food, cuts it up, and feeds him with a spoon).  Once a week he is showered/washed by a care worker.

Whilst these services will continue, he has just been told that the local authority will no longer pay for someone to shop for him, clean his apartment, or launder his clothes/bedding.  For the past 3 years or so they have offered 2 hours a week of such care.  He is incapable of doing any of these things for himself, and his pension barely covers the cost of his accommodation.

His medical condition is degenerative - he is worse now than when the service began, and he will deteriorate further.  The Social Worker who (reluctantly) had to inform him of the change said that the authority was slashing the care budget because of government cuts, and he was not considered “a priority”.


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