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My hospital’s being handed over to a private company

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My hospital’s being handed over to a private company

I am very concerned about the private company that has bid to take over the Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon.

The propaganda machine declared the hospital as having a massive debt - how can the expense of running a hospital and treating sick people delivering babies and providing outpatient care be declared as a debt? It is a public service and should not have terms such as debt or profit applied to it. 

Even if you do use the rules of business to deal with a hospital - why was management allowed to run up such a debt without some form of intervention? No answer is given to that question by the Tories.

As a result of “debt” we are told it now has to be taken over by a private company. I am very angry that this should be allowed to happen. When a private company is concerned its aim will be to make a profit and where profit is the aim you can be assured to that adequate care and service targets will be secondary to turning a profit.

Beware - allow this one hospital to be operated in this way and gradually they will all be operated eventually by private companies. It is a sneaky way of killing off the NHS.


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