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My protest to my MP

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My protest to my MP

Further to my previous post, yesterday I visited my MP Dan Rogerson, to protest about the consequences of the cuts here in North Cornwall.

I told him about a neighbour’s struggle to make ends meet and her fruitless search for help from various charities; about the enforced redundancy being imposed on a valued and skilled worker for the local ‘handyman’ service - formerly run by a charity-now to be privatised.The consequence of this will be a doubling of the hourly fee charged to householders,which will put the service beyond the reach of many,myself included, and the reduction of the workforce from two to one. Madness !

Finally I protested at length about the forthcoming cuts to HB/LHA and CTB, and the distress, hardship and upheaval which would ensue.

He sympathised and promised to take my message to those at the top and indicated that he is as worried and uneasy about what is being done as most of us are.


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