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Cuts mean my niece can’t get an emergency referral despite severe pain

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Cuts mean my niece can’t get an emergency referral despite severe pain

My 20 year old niece slipped and fell on the ice just before Christmas after she got off the bus and walked down her road. She landed on her left shoulder.  The pain became progressively worse to the point that she couldn’t sleep with it. 

She went to see her GP just after Christmas who prescribed pain killers and arranged for a physiotherapy appointment.  It came through at the end of January for… April 28th!!  My sister (Her mum), took her to A & E last week as she is in agony with it and living on painkillers.  A specialist took X-Rays and and examined it.  It wasn’t broken, but she has tendonitis in the ligaments, which can only be fixed by physiotherapy. 

The specialist said that they used to be able make emergency referrals, as she is in considerable pain, but due to government cutbacks, they can no longer do that.  All he could do was prescribe stronger painkillers.  Unless she can force through an appointment, she’s going to have to live on painkillers for another 2 months!


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