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NHS mental health services are affected by cuts

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NHS mental health services are affected by cuts

I work for Brent Mental Health Service and at the end of March we were informed that there was going to be a drastic reorganisation, due to the underfunding by Brent PCT of approximately 16% of the previous year’s budget. 

As an administrator, my post was deleted on the 1st of July, and my employment has been ‘at risk’ for the past 3 months. I am awaiting the outcome of this process. 

The claims that front line services have not been affected is a lie, since practitioners are now expected to carry out administrative tasks, previously the responsibility of administrators. 

This will obviously affect the amount of time that can be spent with Service Users, dependent on the administrative abilities of the practitioner in question. 

The new Primary Care Liaison Team, now one for the whole of Brent compared with three covering NW, East and South Brent, is currently inundated with referrals that it is struggling to cope with. 

Where there were 9 administrators, 3 for each team, there are now 4 covering the Brent-wide service. I cannot imagine that GPs feel that the Service has been improved by these ‘efficiences’.  I despair for the NHS if this canary is an example of what is to come for it.


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