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NHS Podiatry Services restricted access policy hits learning disabled

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NHS Podiatry Services restricted access policy hits learning disabled

My friend’s adult son who has Autism and a learning disability has been entitled to free NHS Podiatry/chiropody service as he lives alone in a flat and is unable to keep his own nails cut.

As of a few weeks ago, his mother enquired as to why he had not been called in the usual way to attend the Community Podiatry service at the local NHS community hospital for a long time and was told “oh no I am sorry but your son is not entitled to this service any more. We have been told that we can only provide the chiropody service now to people with diabetes, arthritis and who are on Warfarin.”

The local Age UK have been funded to provide a nail cutting service for everyone else now and it is £12 for the first assessment and then £17 each time you have to have them to cut your nails.

Brilliant! A young man who cannot with a hope in hell cut his own nails is now chucked out of the NHS and forced to spend his small income which is already needed for rent, food, bills, transport costs on something which should be his RIGHT!

Our local NHS is already suffering and that is before this Killer Health Bill is made law which will finish off the NHS all together and let private and charitable bodies do what should be a State-run, publicly-provided free (! paid for with our taxes !) service for all our vulnerable and needy citizens.


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