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Olympics pinching our buses?

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Olympics pinching our buses?

This is not technically a cut, well it could be to the bus services in my area between July and September

Whilst travelling this morning on my local Stagecoach Merseyside bus service 10A, a notice caught my eye.  It read along the lines of ‘This bus will be taken down to London between July and September to be used to ferry around athletes and the media during the Olympic and Paralympic games.  But not to worry, we will provide a replacement bus for this one during this time and this bus will be returmed to you after the games have finished in September.’ This was a ‘12’ plate bus by the way

So after Merseytravel and the operators spent millions of pounds investing in this particluar service, they are now being pressganged into chauffering people around London for 3 months! Drivers and buses are apparently being taken by Stagecoach from all over the UK to use in London.  It seems rather unfair to punish the rest of the country just so London and mainly those idiot politicians can show off and pretend that everything is hunky-dory with public transport.  I shudder to think what the ‘replacement’ buses will be, as the old buses that Stagecoach used to use, were only fit for one place… The scrapyard! High steps, no disabled access.  Maybe it is the cynic in me, but will we actually get them back in September? after all, if they are in better condition than Stagecoach London buses…


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