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Our NHS will be destroyed unless we stand up and fight

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Our NHS will be destroyed unless we stand up and fight

I have extreme concerns about the impact of the equity and excellence document. These include the ignoring by Andrew Lansley of the constitutional status of the NHS.

The use of American companies to advise GPs on consortia and provide healthcare. The fact some 25% of GPs have investments in the private healthcare industry they will be purchasing from. not to mention the £3 billion price tag attached to the reforms at a time of cuts.

I feel sure people are aware of the actual negative effects to service users so don’t need to list these except to mention with no bail outs on offer from the government who is going to treat us in March each year?

Andrew Lansley will destroy our NHS unless we all stand up and fight. He had to be informed that GPs do not receive a single hours management training during their 8 years. I would have imagined this would have been something he looked into before deciding to pass the health budget over to them.

On a positive note there are murmurs of even Tory ministers questioning the bill - that means it must be even more regressive than there other policies - and that is saying something!!


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