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reduction in benefits

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reduction in benefits

I worked for The Health Service for 20 Years This came to an end when I suffered a Severe Head Injury.It took me 5 Years to obtain DLA & 7 Years to get the correct amount of DLA.The money is very important as I live in a small village with no bus service My children live with my ex wife some 10 Miles away,so it helps me to be a good father.To look at me you would think there was nothing wrong.I was assessed for ESA & got in the support group but many of my friends who attend The Head Injury Service were less lucky,despite the services support.I fear that when PIP is introduced next year,that again I will have another fight to obtain it.Everything is balanced against you.They don’t want you to suceed but just sit quietly at home & rot.Yet they tell us this is Tough Love.Yet they do not use Tough Love against The Bankers (who seem above the law),against Multi-National Corporations who dodge tax,or on themselves when our MPs mis-used the expenses in an appalling manner.It makes no difference who you vote for because they all believe the same thing & that is if you give money to the top 10% it will drip down,this is an utter untruth as the gap between the super rich & everyone else continues to grow.They believe this because they want to because they are in power for this 10% & their parties are funded by this 10%.They have made lots of cuts to The NHS but keep them quiet.They have no respect or feeling for the common man because they are so out of touch.


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