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I loved my job in youth work. Now it’s been cut

Location: UK » North East » LS
I loved my job in youth work. Now it’s been cut

Having been in youth work, both voluntary and paid for 21 years and serving the same VCSF organisation with recognised 19 years continuous service I have been made redundant alongside 2 other long serving colleages due to cuts.

This means a loss of income of 2k per month and looking for alternative employment in the area is proving difficult as there are few jobs available in the area.

The impact of loss of income on my family wont really hit for a couple of months due to redundancy payment, but I have to start looking at what savings I can make now to ensure I can stretch what I have for as long as possible until I can get a new job.

Its not a sob story, because I see so many in the same position or indeed much worse of than me… but it’s devasatting have I lost a job I loved with a passion


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