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I have chronic depression, two young children, and now my home is at risk

Location: UK » South East » BN
I have chronic depression, two young children, and now my home is at risk

Last autumn I had my Incapacity Benefit stopped after a Work Capability Assessment. I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, & have 2 young children. For 2 months I had no income at all, then I had to go on reduced benefits for another 2 months until eventually my IB was fully reinstated. I never received a medical report or explanation to why any of this happened.

Furthermore, my rent has now increased beyond Housing Benefit limits and I have to pay £50 extra per month. When the Housing Benefit cap comes in next January, I will have to pay £100 extra. This will be very difficult and my family may be at risk of homelessness.

I live in a high-rent area but my rent is about average. The new capped rates are far too low and because of the high demand for housing, I doubt landlords will cut their rents. My mental health has been under strain for months now and I see no prospect of the government easing the pressure on people like myself.


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