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Will Helens & Whiston Hospitals go private?

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Will Helens & Whiston Hospitals go private?

Thanks to the ConDems, we could lose the only 2 hospitals in the area to ‘private sector involvement’

The rumours began back in April with an article in the Sunday Mirror:


This was denied by St Helens & Whiston teaching hospitals, but the matter was discussed in parliament on 5th May, where the ConDem health minister confirmed that private sector involvement was an option for the hospitals.  Interestingly, both hospitals have undergone major facelifts.  St Helens in 2008, Whiston last year.  Both are PFI builds with state-of-the-art facilities, so would be ‘of interest’ to the Private Sector.  Whiston also has a major burns & plastics unit which is one of the best in the country

I’m afraid I also have to condemn the Labour MP for St Helens South & Whiston, Shaun Woodward, for his ear splitting silence on this matter.  The MP that is actually leading the fight, Dave Watts, is not the MP for this area!  Mr Woodward was all too happy to boast about the state of the art Whiston Hospital in his 2010 election campaign leaflet, but has not said anything when the hospital is under threat from a potential private sector take over.


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