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tax credit cuts

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tax credit cuts

I live with my partner, our two kids (3 & 6) and my niece, whom i’m the legal guardian of, in a 1 bedroom flat. The council (Croydon) tell us we may have to wait years for accommodation, my working tax credit was cut from £78 to £33 and then to zero in less than a year, i had to take a year of work due to illness but according to ATOS i was fit for work regardless of what my own doctor said or the various hospital consultants that i was seeing at the time, even though i was waiting for surgery and the fact that i had a job to go back to after surgery,which i did. housing benefit has also been cut. I’m still ill but i’m getting no help from anyone and sometimes i have to force myself to go to work in agony or we have no money at the end of the week. Its disgusting that in this day and age there are still bailiffs coming round your house collecting from the poor so the rich don’t have to go without, poor darlings.


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