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Teachers in Academy Schools No Longer Have To Be Qualified

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Teachers in Academy Schools No Longer Have To Be Qualified

Stop Press!

While everybody is being brainwashed into watching the rich man’s show/sorry the olympics, the tories and their stooges slip this one in under the radar this afternoon.

With immediate effect, all academy schools no longer have to have qualified teachers, to “free up academies to employ professionals - like scientists, engineers, musicians, university professors, and experienced teachers and heads from overseas and the independent sector - who may be extremely well-qualified and are excellent teachers, but do not have QTS status.”.  The DfE’s words not mine.  So all of us teachers who spent years qualifying to be one are now thinking ‘what was the ‘effing point?’

My niece will be starting her last year of a primary teaching course in September, she has already been jerked around by this government as they decided to completely change all of the standards for teaching (i.e. 2 years work in the bin), now this.

So now in effect, an academy could hire my 70 yer old mother to teach cookery, ‘Sir’ David Beckham (Come on! All of this butt kissing he is doing means he’ll get his reward in the new year’s honours list!) could teach PE.  It is also a cost cutting exercise as they can pay what they want in an academy anyway

It is about time EVERYBODY in the country grew a pair and stood together against this gang of toffs takings us back to the 19th Century

NUT response link: http://www.teachers.org.uk/node/16317


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