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The child benefit cut will affect us badly

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The child benefit cut will affect us badly

The child benefit cut will affect us badly because we have four children and are just above the threshold. We fall into a policy gap because we have twins - if I returned to work even with 15 hour preschool entitlement for the twins and after school care from grandparents our childcare bill would be 25k.

Having left school after GCSE I cannot obtain a job that would allow us to even break even. I am very worried about the costs of sending our children to uni too - twins will be very expensive. I have looked into education or training to try and improve my job prospects but we do not qualify even for loans because despite having a low disposable income for the number in our family my husband is a high rate taxpayer.

I am concerned about child benefit because the eldest two of our children are not my husband’s biological children - their father is involved emotionally but not financially because he is mentally ill and out of work. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea that the government can decide to make my husband entirely responsible financially for two children he has no parental responsibility for and that we should be forced to declare sensitive financial information with my husband (under law) regarding children he has no legal relationship with, and whom have no legal relationship with him. I am disturbed about the precedent this sets.

The fact we fall between the gaps because of our circumstances will almost certainly mean I will never be able to work and women in my situation in the future will find it even harder than before.


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