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The cuts haven’t affected me

Location: UK » London » SW
The cuts haven’t affected me

The problem is, the cuts haven’t affected me.

I’m 30 years old without children to support in job that pays good money in London (though not higher rate levels) and all around me I see the poorest having their income cut and the crucial services that they rely on being taken away whilst I am left untouched.

Of course I can and do donate to charity, but surely it’s crucial for there to be justice in the tax and social security system too?

The removal of the opportunity from the community takes four main forms as I see it -

1) directly stripping people receiving social security payments of their income
2) the closure of all the basic services that they rely on so that they have to travel to get even basic things done like buying food, posting a letter
3) the removal of communal areas for sport, education, leisure (often with the land turned over for the building of ‘executive’ flats)
4) enormous rises in the cost of transport that strips people of their freedom to move about and interact when they need their community support networks more than ever as people lose their jobs

The coalition have got the whole balance of their policies wrong. People like me should be taxed more and others who have less should pay less and be provided with the social security that holds us all together as a society

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