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The End Of Retirement As We Know It?

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The End Of Retirement As We Know It?

As a teacher, I once joked with a colleague that there would be no such thing as retirement if I ever get to that age (I said this in 2008 at the age of 27).  Now after reading this latest scheme dreamed up by yet another mega rich gang of toffs, it might become reality.

So basically the politicians want people to earn their pension by doing community or volunteer work when they retire, or they will lose part of it.  treating them just like they are on the dole.  To make people ‘less dependent’ on the state and to help ‘older pensioners’ (i.e. another way of them saving a few quid by getting rid of care staff more like).  They lecture us with this crap, while at the same time they sit in their 20 room mansions, supping port, whilst lighting a cigar with a £50 note, with their central heating full on knowing that the taxpayer will pay it as ‘expenses’

You won’t get a carriage clock when you retire anymore now.  You’ll be carried out in a coffin.  ‘Work till you die’, the ultimate way of saving money, as people won’t need to be paid a pension!!

In the words of the great philosopher James Royle:
“We’re all in this together… My A**e!”

Link to BBC article below


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