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The NHS helped us through the bad times

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The NHS helped us through the bad times

The NHS has always been there, we all take it for granted. As a family it has provided health care for all of us. My father died of a brain tumour 30 years ago. At the age of 48.
The NHS was there for us and helped us through the bad times. My younger brother died of a rare cancer Jan 2007 at the age of 43, I cannot begin to tell you how much time that nurses and staff gave him and helped him come to terms with his ordeal. They were there for us too.
My mother died of secondary liver cancer June 2008 at the age of 83. She received unconditional care from the nurses and staff.
I am very concerned that the government is planning to “Massively shake-up the NHS” that “has the potential to cause huge damage to patient care and waste vast sums of public money”

When it gone its gone, like most of the UK`s most valued services. How can the NHS be run as a business where profit driven companies will provide our Health Care?


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