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They have taken more than my money they have taken my freedom

Location: UK » South West » BA
Testimony relates to: Benefits for disabled people
They have taken more than my money they have taken my freedom

I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia 5 years ago, I lost everything my job, my home, my life. After spending 4 years in and out of hospitals, hostels and supported housing I finally got a flat and Dla, the help I got gave me some semblance of a life back. But one by one they are taking that support away. I have lost my Dla, and because I’m under 25 I am at risk of loosing my home as well. When the job centre sent me to a ‘back to work program’ I was sent home because they felt I was too ill to work, yet at every turn I feel the government is trying to tell me I should be able to, like i chose not to, work isn’t something I’m avoiding its something I want and can not have. Work is freedom, being disabled already takes away so much of my life and soon they will take the rest. Don’t let them take freedom from those who can’t fight for it or next it will be yours. 


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