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They want to close my daughter’s nursery

Location: UK » South East » BN
Testimony relates to: Bright Start Nursery, BN1
They want to close my daughter’s nursery

Hi, my name is Danny and I have a 3 year old daughter at Bright Start Nursery in the North Laines, which is threatened with closure next April.

My daughter has been at Bright Start for two years now and has thrived under the care and attention of the staff at Bright Start. She is a happy and confident little girl.

To change her nursery at this stage would be disruptive and upsetting – and for some parents, especially those whose children start school in September, it would be disastrous, as finding an alternative nursery to take their children for just five months is nigh on impossible.

If it closes, what will these parents do and where will these children go? What about all those great caring staff at the nursery who will lose their jobs?

This closure impacts us all. Bright Start is one of the few city centre nurseries and is a crucial resource for parents living and working in central Brighton.

With the new provision for 15 hours of nursery care for 2 year olds we need more places, not fewer in our city.

Cutting service that help women return to work impacts families, it impacts local businesses and it impacts on our country’s economy – its not rocket science to see that this is short-termist in the extreme!

The crazy thing is, there are plenty of alternatives to closure that would make Bright Start viable and even profitable – its just that the conservative council don’t seem very interested in exploring these alternatives.

This makes me think that the decision to close Bright Start must be ideological. But an ideology that targets little kids, well that just stinks!

So when my daughter calls the people that want to close her nursery ‘bad’ people, I’m inclined to agree with her.

They are threatening people’s jobs, threatening local businesses and not least, threatening our children, all for no good reason!


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