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They’re reviewing day centres.

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They’re reviewing day centres.

We are providing day care to people with wide range of disabilities concentrating on people’s cultural and religious needs.  They are reviewing to replace day centres with supported living.  In my opinion this idea is not the way forward.  They are restricting people to work with one particular person in same living envirnment day in day out, not having to follow set routine by laeving home at 9.00am going to a day centre, follow their time table and participating in all those community based activities that we could think of.  An opportunity of meeting people with similar needs, enjoying their day as a group rather then as a pair.  This structured routine gives people meaning of their daily lives.  People sitting up there, who have never worked with people with diabilities will never understand what these facilities mean to people with disabilities.  We are living in a modern society where we are all entitled to personal choice but I feel these are just the words to fool people, in the end no voices will be heard they will only do what they want to do and enforce all those legislations they are planning to do so. 


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