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My disability freedom pass has helped me in so many ways. Please don’t cut it.

Location: UK » London » WC
Testimony relates to: Camden disability transport services
My disability freedom pass has helped me in so many ways. Please don’t cut it.

i was awarded this freedom pass two years ago when i was suffering from a mental illness. since obtaining the freedom pass it gave me the chance to get around and feel free. it gave me a sense of strength when i felt lost & abandoned.

i slowly came out of my depression thanks to both a mental health worker and the freedom pass. meanwhile my parent became sicker and less able to physically cope. i had to stop working and claim carers allowance. the freedom pass helps me to get up there and back daily. helps me shop around for my parent and generally take care of things. now coping with my own mental illness (not in it’s extremity) and handling my parents day to day living will leave me with not much to live for. the freedom pass has helped me in ways i cannot express. for this to be taken away from people just because they are making cuts seems strange as it’s not exactly costing them anything to start with. it’s just something that’s granted you free travel.

it’s designed to help people gather their lives back and help them through the darker times in life. i think it’s quite disgusting that instead of gradually phasing it out or restricting the freedom pass, they would just banish it altogether instead seems irrational. there are more people in camden with mental health problems than you know and to take away something that means a lot mentally will no doubt open problems within the borough. think about it. if mental health is not given the same equality as the disabled freedom pass then that is not only very ignorant but it’s also unequal as a disability is a disability whether it physical or mental. my parent will suffer and so will i. they cannot seriously justify taking away something that means so much to so many mentally ill people.


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