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This Country Needs You

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This Country Needs You

I’m pointing the finger at you, your country needs you now.
How long will you be under the foot of the ruthless leaders of this country.
How long will it take for people to stand there ground, this so called leadership have no compassion have no mercy to the plight they put people under.
This leadership was voted in by you the people to work on our behalf, they work for you, you do not work for them.
To have Democracy we should be able to hold those that lead us to account, if we can’t do that then we don’t have Democracy.
They declared war on most of us by using the welfare system as an excuse, so isn’t it about time we declared war back and bring this government to account.
Every step you take, should be taken to end this oppression, Every breath you take, should be taken to use your voice for these are your weapons.
This is your time your time is now, come together Unite as one and show this coalition we have strength in our voice and strength in our numbers.


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Breaking Britain: Cuts and testimonies

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